''Air: An Anthology'' Collection Captures Radio Memories

"Air: An Anthology"

More than two dozen current or former radio professionals -- or folks who have a relationship with radio in some way -- share their stories in a new essay collection from Books by Hippocampus, the small press division of Lancaster, PA-based Hippocampus Magazine. In "Air: An Anthology," a diverse set of personal essays take readers to small town stations, audio recording booths and out-of-the-way transmitter sites to live sports broadcasts, car rides with the radio on full blast and on the other end of the morning show call-in line.

"Air: An Anthology" is also the first collection in the press's "The Way Things Were Series," which has forthcoming titles about diners, mom and pop shops and local newspapers.

Air features work from Beth R. Barth, Brian R. Bland, Petrea Burchard, Rob Cardillo, Eileen M. Cunniffe, Francis DiClemente, Dagney C. Ernest, Stephanie Feuer, John Fisher, Jessica Forcier, James Fox, Victoria Otto Franzese, Jack C. Heinritz, Anne B. Henry, Ross Klavan, Ginny MacDonald, Scott Manthe, Maggie Martin, Vicky Mayk, Amy M. Miller, Anthony J. Mohr, J.D. Phillippi, Colin Rafferty, Sarah M. Wells, and Jim Williams. The anthology was curated and edited by Donna Talarico.

The book is available now at Amazon.com as well as at Books by Hippocampus' store: books.hippocampusmagazine.com.


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