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UCI Q2 Total Revenues Down 4.4%, Radio Falls 8.6%
RADIO ONLINE | Friday, August 4, 2017 |2:16pm CT

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Univision Communications reported second quarter total revenue decreased 4.4% to $764.9 million from $800.3 million in 2016. Revenue for the company's radio segment declined 8.6% to $66.8 million compared to $73.1 million. Advertising revenue for radio fell 9.2% to $64 million from $70.5 million driven by declines in national, network and local advertising revenue. the company posted a net income of $106.1 million as compared to $74.7 million in the year-ago period.

"I am very pleased with our quarterly results. Total revenue in the quarter was nearly $765 million and core revenue was up 5 percent. Net income increased $31 million and we continue to delever as evidenced by our reduction of net debt by approximately $200 million over the first half of the year." said Univision Communications President/CEO. "Furthermore, our strong ratings performance as the number one Spanish-Language network in both the May and July sweeps."

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