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Taylor Swift Groping Trial Gets Underway
RADIO ONLINE | Tuesday, August 8, 2017 |12:45pm CT

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On June 2, 2013, then KYGO radio host David Mueller, known on the air as Jackson, took his girlfriend and co-worker to meet Taylor Swift at a typical meet-and-greet shortly before a concert in Denver. They chatted and then posed for a photograph - which is when the trouble began.

Swift claims Mueller groped her while the picture was being taken. Mueller says Swift is lying and that her false accusations led to him being fired from his $150,000-a-year morning show gig. Now a federal jury gets to decide what happened. After Mueller filed a lawsuit in 2015 against Swift, she countersued, accusing Mueller of assault and battery.

Swift is expected to testify during the proceedings and she was in the courtroom Monday, listening intently, in a dark jacket and white dress, while Judge William J. Martinez and attorneys representing both sides questioned potential jurors. However she and Mueller clearly avoided each other during the proceedings.

Many of the 60 potential jurors who could serve on the eight-member panel said they had read or heard about the case. All were asked to fill out a 15-page questionnaire that asked, among other things, whether they had ever been inappropriately touched, falsely accused or considered themselves fans of Taylor Swift and or country music.

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