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NuVoodoo Launches Snapchat Video Ads for Radio
RADIO ONLINE | Wednesday, August 30, 2017 | 1:05am CT

NuVoodoo Media Services adds Snapchat Ads to its portfolio of digital marketing solutions for its broadcast media clients. NuVoodoo worked directly with Snapchat this summer to help develop these tools specifically for radio and television media campaigns, enabling stations to reach their targets most effectively through Snapchat Ads. This comes in conjunction with the release of NuVoodoo's tenth Ratings Prospect Study, which showed daily use of Snapchat among likely Nielsen respondents up 28% since January of this year. Growth is even stronger among those under the age of 35.

NuVoodoo Media Services Executive VP/Research Leigh Jacobs said, "Social media use across all major platforms is significantly higher among those likely to wear a meter or fill out a diary. These are human buzz agents who consume media of all types at much higher levels than those who would never participate in the ratings. While Facebook and YouTube remain the juggernaut social platforms, the next tier of Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter have grown significantly since our January study. While the numbers below reflect daily use among 14 to 54's likely to say 'yes' to Nielsen, for specific formats and narrow demographics, the penetration levels are nearly ubiquitous."

"Every format is different," noted NuVoodoo Media Services Executive VP/Marketing Services Mike O'Connor. "We take a data-driven approach to our clients' marketing, customizing both the creative approach and the mix of marketing channels. The addition of Snapchat will be a game-changer for any brand targeting Millenials or the so-called iGeneration (also known as Generation Z)."

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