Entercom Suffers Severe Damage Across its Entire Network

After days of returned email, RADIO ONLINE has learned that the computer systems at Entercom Communications have suffered a company-wide outage. In an internal memo obtained by R|O issued on Monday, Entercom says that last weekend it "suffered severe damage" across its entire network, in all offices across the country. It's not entirely clear if the damage was caused by a cyber attack or if it's other issues. Sources say it was a ransomware attack. "At this time we're still attempting to assess the full extent of the damage and where it originated," said the memo.

So far, all shared network drives are offline and employees are asked not to connect laptops to the company network until updated. Additionally, web pages and Internet access may be slower. Staffers have also been asked to temporarily use personal email accounts until the issue is corrected.


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