Marty Tirrell Reaches Settlement with CC/Des Moines

Sports/Talk air personality Marty Tirrell has reached a settlement with his former employer, clearing the way for his return to radio, reports the Des Moines Register. Tirrello was fired by Clear Channel's KXNO-AM/Des Moines after a profanity-laced argument between him and another station employee inadvertently made it on the air.

As a result of the settlement, Tirrell will return to the airwaves sooner than a previous non-compete of September, 2009, would have allowed. Last month, Tirrell filed a lawsuit against Clear Channel claiming that station officials illegally interfered with his return to the radio by enforcing a non-compete that "would not be enforceable in the state of Iowa."

Terry Peters, GM of crosstown Sports rival KBGG-AM, has said his station would maintain the time slot for Tirrell as he works out the situation with Clear Channel.


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