Tom Leykis Fans Willing to Pay to See Return

He may have been off the air for three years (waiting for a CBS contract to expire) but Tom Leykis' fans have definitely not forgotten him. Now set to produce a live call-in show for the internet, Leykis decided to use eBay to auction of a chance for two fans to see him do his inaugural show.

He garnered 33 bids in the first six hours of the five-day auction and as of Monday morning, the high bid was just over $3,000. Leykis said, "I believe that the success of this auction, and the shock of some of my radio colleagues at the interest level it has generated, is further proof that today's radio industry has forgotten what people loved about radio and how to promote it. Good radio personalities have passionate followings that don't show up directly on balance sheets, but they are the reason why station values went from millions of dollars to hundreds of millions."

Leykis' new Internet show debuts on Monday, April 2 at 3pm PT, 6pm EST on BlowMeUpTom.com.


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