Kassof: Preference Highest for Christian Radio P1s

New research from Mark Kassof & Co. reveals that Christian format P1 listeners have the highest level of preference for the station they listen to most. Overall, 50% of listeners think their P1 station is "a lot better" than other stations they listen to. But of those who name a Christian station, that number is 73%. Other formats with above average station preference are Public Radio (64%), News/Talk (61%) and Country (56%).

CHR stations have the lowest preference among their P1 listeners as 39% think their station is a lot better (while 55% find it only "slightly better"). Other formats with "a lot better" scores below average are Oldies/Classic Hits (42%), AC (43%) and Sports (44%).

The findings are based on 732 online surveys of 18- to 64-year-olds in the U.S. who can name a station they "spend the most time listening to." Stations' formats were categorized based on their ID and market. The survey was conducted October 1-4. More details can be found at kassof.com.

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