Total Line Reporting for Fall Phase II Report Due

Arbitron has announced that stations have until close of business, Wednesday, November 7 to update a station's Total Line Reporting status for the Fall Phase 2 Arbitrends report. Combos that include partner stations that are 100 percent simulcast, including all programming, commercials and PSAs, for the whole three-month interval that corresponds to a Diary survey may request Total Line Reporting.

Stations simulcasting 100% as of September 13 are eligible for Total Line Reporting for Fall Phase 2 Arbitrends. These estimates include one month of Summer 2012 and 2 months of Fall 2012. New Total Line Reporting combos -- or changes to existing combos -- should be provided to Arbitron as early as possible to ensure the combo is reported in both the quarterly Radio Market Reports and the monthly Arbitrends data.

For Fall Phase 2, updates to a station's Total Line Reporting status must be received by Wednesday, November 7, the last day of the applicable survey period. For combos that request Total Line Reporting, Arbitron sums the individual partner stations' audience and reports that sum as if it were the audience for one of the partner stations.


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