RadioFlag to Give Talk at TEDx in New Jersey

RadioFlag Inc. PR Director Annika Lorienne and Director of Business Development Ravind Kumar will co-present at TEDx Navesink on April 11 on the campus of Monmouth University, just an hour outside of New York. A sold out audience of approximately 700 is expected. RadioFlag's speakers will talk about how "Connective Listening" technology enables listeners to access and socialize around local perspectives and ideas streaming from around the world.

Lorienne and Kumar will also address how millenials have been the early adopters of this new radio empowerment thinking, and how emerging music artists are taking advantage of it by directly connecting with radio air talent on the RadioFlag platform. In doing so, they are receiving radio airplay not readily available to indie artists without big label funding.

TEDx Navesink organizers are also using RadioFlag's technology, so they can broadcast the event for the first time via Internet radio, and interact with listeners. Their new station iNAVE can be found on the app and the company's website.

RadioFlag's Founder and CEO, Anthony Roman said, "TED conferences encourage, embrace and promote new ideas with global initiatives, so when we were selected by TEDx Navesink curators to be one of the speakers for this event, we of course felt honored, and so excited to make the trip to the east coast to do it. The long term vision for our company is ambitious, and there is still a lot of work to be done."


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