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Millman Ace & TJ VP/Community Relations/Sales
RADIO ONLINE | Thursday, January 11, 2018 | 12:33pm CT

Tracey Millman
Tracey Millman
The Ace & TJ Show, together with The Radio Button Network, announce the promotion of Tracey Millman to Vice President of Community Relations/Sales for syndicated Ace & TJ and Radio Button Network. She's been with the show for more than three years where she has moved from Director of Operations to this newly created post. In addition to being lead for network sales for the show and other Radio Button Network partners, Tracey will head the outreach program for the newly created charity, Ace & TJ's Radio Family Charity.

Tracey stated, "I am beyond thrilled to accept this position within the ATJ organization. Thank you to Ace, TJ and Adam for recognizing my prowess and entrusting me with this new role."

"All of what this brand can do going forward with sales and the newly formed charity became possible with the skills Tracey brings to the company," said Adam Goodman.

"We're so grateful to have someone representing our company who is as dedicated to its success as we are. She's going to be perfect to run this new department," added TJ.

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