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Alpha Media's WRXQ Fires Ray Odom Over Remarks
RADIO ONLINE | Thursday, January 11, 2018 | 1:59pm CT

Ray Odom
Ray Odom
Alpha Media has fired Ray Odom, aka Crazy Ray, an evening host on WRXQ-FM/Coal City, IL (serving Kankakee, IL), for remarks made on a national television program, "The Profit" on CNBC, reports The Herald News. Odom, whose radio persona, "Crazy Ray," is a self-described "sexist, egotistical, racist pig," is also co-owner of Rayjus Outdoors in Morris, IL. He was fired before his Tuesday night appearance and placed on leave at Rayjus.

Alpha Media Market Manager Brian Foster said in an email, "We do not condone the views he expressed in the program. The feelings portrayed are that of his own and not of Alpha Media or QRock. After an internal review, we have decided to cut ties. No further information is available at this time."

"Unfortunately, we cannot allow these statements to go unchecked," a statement on Rayjus' Facebook page read. "While an integral part of our organization, Ray will be taking a leave of absence to spend time with his family and reflect on what is in the best interest of his family and company."

On Tuesday afternoon, Odom confirmed to the newspaper he was fired from the job, saying he had worked hard to keep his 'Crazy Ray Styles' radio persona separate from his business, not even using his last name during radio appearances and making sure the radio station's name wasn't mentioned during the show. He said that he doesn't make racist or sexist comments but some listeners could take it that way. "What I said got taken out of context completely," Odom said. "Now I don't have a radio job over it."

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